Personal Stories

Jamie Pleva Somers, New York

With the knowledge that I now had an 86% percent chance of developing breast cancer before turning 70 and having seen everything my sister had gone through I realized that I had been given a rare gift.

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Sharishta Shourie Los Angeles, California

Like many women diagnosed with breast cancer, I began researching her disease to better understand what she could expect from treatment and life after cancer.

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Chrissy Garcia Reston, Virginia

It was wonderful to sit in a room full of people who understood every emotion and every experience I had encountered over the past three years. Some were older than me, but some were younger.

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Meltem Zeytinoglu Chicago, Illinois

Being proactive and surrounded by family and friends is undoubtedly the best way to endure hardships like battling a serious disease.

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Jennifer Davis Washington, DC

The road I have faced has given me strength, courage, and wisdom; and I feel that as a “Previvor,” I am able to provide encouragement to other young women to engage in a proactive approach to their own healthcare.

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De’Anna Johnson

I beat breast cancer and I’m here to tell my story! I grew up knowing we had a crazy family history of breast cancer and accepting the fact that one day I could be battling for my life.

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My name is Sue Weaver. I am 47 years old and I have been married to my awesome husband for 15 years. Together we have 3 delightful school-aged children. We also have my stepson who is 24 years old and …

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